Road Closure Buford Lea

UPDATE 13.00HR PC has contacted SCC again and pushed for diversion signage and requested SCC to attend to share informed diversion routes. The PC has also advised the police as there were problems with delivery vehicles tuning. Police are also liaising with SCC. 
SCC have just sent the following update: We’ve had the following come through from our contacts at South East Water:
“The engineers managed to locate and repair the burst main overnight, we’ve had engineers on site this morning to secure the site and start repairing the carriageway. The excavation should be ready for permanent reinstatement tomorrow morning, due to the size of the excavation, it will take all day and most of Saturday night for the tarmac to cure.
We are looking to lift the closure on Sunday mid-morning, so if everything goes according to plan everything back to normal on Monday morning.”
This means that we expect buses to remain on diversion for the rest of today and Saturday, but from first thing Monday morning the Stagecoach 46 service should be back to normal line of route. Although this remains an inconvenience for local residents for the next two days, at least children returning to school on the 19th will be able to catch their usual bus service.
Should we receive any further updates in the meantime we will let you know.