There are nine seats on the Elstead Parish Council.  Following the recent request for nominations seven people have stepped forward which means that the seat is uncontested and they automatically become councillors.  This means that there will be no Parish Council vote on 4th May.  

As there are two spaces remaining the councillors are looking to co-opt two more people at the meeting on 22nd May.  Anyone interested in being co-opted should contact the clerk in the first instance email: elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com.

The Borough Seat is being contested and residents will have an opportunity to select their preferred candidate on 4th May.  Both candidates will be attending the April 17th PC meeting and residents will have the chance to ask them questions during a Q&A session.  Please note that following the recent boundary review the boundaries have changed and we will have one Borough Councillor for Elstead and paper harrow.  Previously we had two for Elstead, Thursley and Brook.

Don’t forget if you are intending to vote on 4th May you will need to bring ID with you.


Elstead Village Road Safety Survey

Elstead Village Road safety (EVRS) a sub committee of the Parish Council has been delivering a survey and asking for your views. The group would be grateful for completed surveys as this helps with evidence in getting Surrey CC Highways to look at issues such as speeding etc in the village. The survey is very quick to complete and completed surveys can be dropped to either Chandlers or the back of St James’s Church. Alternatively here is a link to survey if you would rather do it electronically. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey. Surveys to be completed by 30th April 2023.