Bonfire Hill

Bonfire Hill is the western end of the ridge of high ground that runs from the centre of Elstead through farmland to Ockley Common in the East, with beautiful views over the Surrey Hills that surround Elstead.

The hill dominates the centre of Elstead and is a popular spot for walking and picking blackberries. When there is snow on the ground there is a steep slope that is perfect for safe sledging, within easy reach of the village.

Three footpaths lead onto the hill from the village and another goes on through fields to Ockley Common. There are good views of the hill from the village, and of the village from the hill.

Bonfire Hill footpaths
Footpaths across Bonfire Hill

The Future of Bonfire Hill

A survey issued to all residents as part of the work for our Neighbourhood Plan, identified that Bonfire Hill is greatly valued by the village community.  Many comments were made regarding protecting the views to, from and of Bonfire Hill, due to its prominent position in the village.   As a result of this, the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan team are currently seeking to have Bonfire Hill designated as a Local Green Space, which would give it additional protection from development, over and above the protection it already has from being situated within the Green Belt and the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Over the last few years, the landowner has put forward a couple of proposals for development, to the local community for feedback, but to date no planning application has been submitted.

Bonfire Hill Proposed Layout 2016
bonfire hill site layout 02
bonfire hill layout oct 2018