Preserve Our Reserve

Following the devastating fire at the weekend Elstead and Thursley Parish Councils are now able to share with you details of our joint initiative the ‘Preserve Our Reserve’ campaign.

The following link will give individuals more details and will streamline a way for supporters to donate money and/or volunteer time.
This is still early days and we will be working closely with James Giles to see how best to use any donations and volunteers.

The fundraising page is here –

We thank you for your generous support.


Thursley Common – Fire Update

Surrey Fire & Rescue Service have assessed the common earlier this morning and we can now advise residents that The Common is now open to all visitors. There will continue to be a Fire Brigade presence based at the Moat car park.
Surrey FRS have asked that you stay away from all burnt areas. They remain dangerous and there are many severely weakened trees which do represent a risk. Anyone ignoring this advice does so at their own risk.

Anyone coming across any hot spots or areas that are still burning or smouldering, please dial 999 immediately.
The cause of the fire is as yet unconfirmed. It goes without saying No BBQ’s, No camp fires, No cigarettes anywhere on the common.

Finally, Elstead and Thursley Parish Councils along with James Giles and our Ward Councillors have been working to set up a way to manage all the very kind and generous offers of help and support that we have received over the last few days. We hope to be in a position to make an announcement about this within the next couple of days and thank you for your patience.


Thursley Common – Fire update

Elstead and Thurlsey Parish Councils are waiting for an update from the Fire and Rescue Service due sometime this morning.

Thursley Road has been reopened however drivers be warned: there is a water hose stretching along the moat side verge which means that whilst passable for two on-coming cars you will need to drive slowly.

Please note that the fire damage is not visible from the Thursley Road so please only use this road if it’s for genuine travel reasons. Dye House Lane has been reopened meaning that Thursley is now accessible.

The commons including the Moat carpark remain closed until further notice.
Elstead and Thurlsey PC’s along with our Ward Cllrs are meeting with Natural England this morning and we will update residents on future plans when we are able.

Please remember that under the Fire and Rescue Services Act of 2004, chapter 21, it is a criminal offence for anyone to go to the site of an active emergency situation so please keep well clear of the common. Thursley PC and Elstead PC will issue a joint statement advising residents when the common has been reopened but until such time please be advised that the common is closed and should not be visited under any circumstance.

Thank you for your co-operation.


A3 Hindhead Tunnel – Improvements to Technology – Overnight Closure on Saturday 6 June

As part of the ongoing work to upgrade the technology within the Hindhead Tunnel, we will be closing the Tunnel (in both directions) overnight this weekend. The closure will be in place from 9pm on Saturday 6 June through to 9am on Sunday 7 June 2020. During the closure a signed diversion will be in place via the A31 and A325. 

Please be aware that due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, all our works are subject to change due to available resource by our Supply Chain, as well as possible adverse weather conditions – please check the yellow signs placed in advance for confirmation of the closures dates/timings. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption during our work.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like you know more about our work please email us at or call us on 0300 123 5000. 


Thursley Common Fire – Update

Fire Update: At c 2pm The Head of Surrey Fire has advised that the fire is under control but yet not extinguished. There is still a real risk of wind change which makes this a very unpredictiable situation. The common will be closed for at least two days if not longer as there is a threat of flares ups.

Under the Fire and Rescue Services Act of 2004, chapter 21, it is a criminal offence for anyone to go to the site of an active emergency situation so please keep well clear of the common. Thursley PC and Elstead PC will issue a joint statement advising residents when the common has been reopened but until such time please be advised that the common is closed and should not be visited under any circumstance.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Thursley Common Fire – Update

The fire is largely under control but it is expected that it will take at least another day before it is extinguished. However with warm weather and breezes this could change. Roads are still currently closed and in addition there is no access to Thursley so please avoid this area if in a car.

The main message remains as before – please stay off the common for the foreseeable future …. do not go anywhere near the nature reserve/boardwalks or the area where the fire spread.

Following many comments on the village Facebook page the Parish Council is looking into a fundraising option which it hopes to be able to update residents on soon. Elstead PC and Thursley PC will be working closely together to ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach in managing all offers of help as well as ensuring that the emergency services are thanked for their incredible work over the weekend in such challenging circumstances.


Fire on Thursley Common / Elstead Moat

Update from Elstead Parish Council re the fire. The Parish Council is continuing to liaise with fire crews, police and local councils (WBC and SCC). The police have advised that more houses will need to be evacuated today and The Pavilion has been reopened to house these evacuees at the request of the police. The PC will be on hand at The Pavilion to provide support and refreshments for anyone asked to leave their home.

The PC has been in regular contact with the emergency services since the fire broke out. We have offered to provide fire and police crews with refreshments (and were set up to do this last night) but we have been told that they provide their own refreshment facilities.
Last night 14 houses were evacuated and the PC, David and Jenny Else and Jo Mukabaa supported one household until they were able to be rehoused last evening.

We will try and update you on the status of the fire as and when we can but we ask all residents and visitors linked to this facebook page…… Please do not go on to the common to see the fire – please kindly stay away. This is a highly volatile situation and we need to let the emergency crews do their work without having to worry for human safety. Thank you.

And finally please remember that the road running along past the moat is completely closed and there is NO access. Anyone wishing to go to Thursley, Churt and beyond and who would usually use that route please pick the A3 up from Milford junction. Thank you. 


Village Signpost – Vote Now!

The Parish Council has commissioned a sign making company to replace the directional sign on the Village Green.  The Parish Council has opted for a metal sign as it will be sturdier than the previous wooden option.    The sign that the Parish Council has commissioned is available in two colour options: black background with white writing or white background with black writing.   We would like residents to vote on which sign colour option they would prefer.

You can see examples of the posts, and cast your vote here.

The vote will close at 6pm on Monday 18th May.  




A reminder that there will be a ‘drop in’ zoom session on Monday 4th May, 8-9pm if anyone has any questions regarding the draft neighbourhood plan. Please feel free to log on anytime between 8-9pm and one of the team will be available to answer your questions. You don’t have to stay for the hour just log on when you are free. The zoom meeting details are below. Don’t forget we really need to have everyone’s feedback on the plan – please visit to read the draft plan and provide your comments via the Surveymonkey link. Deadline for feedback is Friday 8th May. Don’t hesitate to contact the clerk on if you have any questions and can’t make either zoom session. There are a limited number of hard copies of the plan that can be delivered safely if needed – please contact the clerk. Thank you.

4th May 2020. 8-9pm

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Letter from Elstead Parish Council to SCC re Bonfire Hill Drainage Issues


1 I refer to your correspondence with Waverley Borough Council (WBC) in connection with the above planning application. I should explain that I am Chairman of Elstead Parish Council, which has serious concerns about the adverse impact of this proposed development on flood management in the village.

2 In your latest letter you say SCC as the Lead Local Flood Authority has no objection to the application, provided an acceptable SUDS scheme is put in place. I am not sure how familiar you are with the Bonfire Hill site, but I should explain that it is an area of elevated land which dominates the centre of the village of Elstead. It contains numerous springs and many of the names of the surrounding roads (Springfield, Springhill, Springhaven) reflect this characteristic of the land. In wet weather, the springs flow mainly to the north, north-west, and north-east towards the lower lying centre of the village, depositing large amounts of surface water into the quite inadequate ordinary water courses adjacent to the highways.

3 During recent flood events (notably this winter, in 2013/4 and in 2001) the amounts of water coming off Bonfire Hill have led to serious flooding of gardens, roads and on occasion dwellings in the village, in spite of action taken by residents to dispose of the excess. Your colleagues in SCC in highways and in flood control (Steve Lindsey Clark and Ian Fowler) will be very familiar with the issue. One neighbour has reported that in February this year he had to deploy pumps to remove floodwater at the rate of at least 5.6 litres/sec coming from just one of the many springs on Bonfire Hill, over a period of several days.

4 The proposed development would involve the construction of 30 dwellings around the lower slopes to the north, north-west and north-east of the site (ie cutting across the direction of flow of most of the springs). The drainage survey commissioned by the developer has determined that the surface water arising from the land cannot be disposed of using infiltration techniques, so the proposal is that this water (which will inevitably increase as a result of the construction of impermeable surfaces arising from the development) should be released into the foul drainage at a rate not exceeding 4 litres/sec. This is the maximum flow which Thames Water, the foul drainage authority, has agreed to accept.

5 It seems from the documents submitted by the developer and your own comments that no surveys have been carried out of the specific hydrology of the site. The calculations provided by the developer suggest that the amount of surface water to be disposed of is based simply on the area of land on the development site. In fact, the topography of the site and the adjacent land suggests that much of the water coming off the hill arises from the even more elevated land to the south, where the land continues to rise to a peak some 240 metres outside the development site. There is local evidence that the surface water generated during regular flood events is well in excess of the limit of 4 litres/sec. which Thames Water has agreed to accept. If this is indeed the case, it is difficult to see how any SUDS scheme restricted to an outflow into the sewer of 4 litre /sec could possibly cope with the amount of water involved.

6 SCC, as the LLFA, has a duty of care to offer advice to the LPA which will ensure that flood risks are appropriately addressed. SCC is moreover expected to apply due diligence in formulating this advice. Our experience in the village, sadly, is that development schemes have been allowed to proceed without due attention being given to flooding problems, both on the sites concerned and in relation to their effects on neighbouring properties (I refer you to the recent Croft and the Orchard Close developments). In the case of the Bonfire Hill application, there is much local concern that the proposals would lead to serious surface water flooding issue both for the development itself and for properties in the adjacent lower-lying areas. In view of this, I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

  • Have you or any other officer of SCC carried out a site inspection of the relevant land or commissioned a hydrological survey of the site in order to assess its specific characteristics?
  • Have you consulted your colleagues in Highways or Flood Management on the application, and, if so, does your advice take account of their views?
  • Are you satisfied that a SUDS scheme based on a maximum flow of 4 litres/sec into the foul sewer would be adequate to cope with the excess surface water during ‘normal’ flood events? If so, on what is this judgment based, given the clear evidence that he flow off the hill is likely to be much greater than this?
  • Where would legal liability rest if in the event of the application being approved both the new dwellings and adjacent properties were to suffer from surface water flooding owing to any inadequacy with the approved SUDS scheme?

7 It is important to have answers to these questions so that the LPA (WBC) can reach an informed view of the adequacy of the measures proposed to deal with flooding issues. It would be helpful to have your response as soon as possible in view of the timetable for consideration of this application.

Yours sincerely

Pat Murphy

Chairman, Elstead Parish Council