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Burford Lodge Rec Car Park Closed

The Parish Council would like to advise residents that Burford Lodge rec carpark is still closed – and will remain so until the beginning of next week(w/c 29th March).  Some low level parking barriers have been installed andwill remain in situ until a height barrier is located along the access roadc mid April.  The car park will reopen from 29th March for visitors to therec.  Thank you.


Hankley Common Car Park closed Monday 29th March – Saturday 3rd April

The DZ Car Park will be closed on Monday March 29th until Saturday April 3rd. Bridleways remain open but other tracks may be closed for your safety.

During this period the public are requested to stay on the Rights of Way, indicated by direction arrow tags on wooden posts. Please comply with troops’ instructions. If walking a dog please keep it under control and clear up after it.