Update on roadworks – Shackleford Road

Update on the planned road closures on Shackleford Road from 20th January, is that:

  • the works were not scheduled to include work on Marcus’ Triangle as the legal situation re their right to do that, is as yet unresolved.
  • They were planning to extend the pavement along the Milford Road and to end it on the bend.
  • Representatives of Elstead Parish Council, Peper Harow Parish, our 2 Waverley Borough Councillors – Jennifer Else and David Else and our Surrey CC Councillor met earlier this week with SCC to discuss safety concerns and to propose other solutions be considered.
  • Today we have received confirmation that “SCC have revoked the licence for starting work on the new footway and new bus stop on 20th January to allow further time for discussions to take place with all parties to find an alternative solution.
  • and that they have granted consent for “minor works to modify the existing site accesses on the west side of Shackleford Road, and these works will commence on the 20th”