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Hindhead tunnel

A3 Hindhead Tunnel – Improvements to Technology – Overnight Closure on Saturday 6 June

As part of the ongoing work to upgrade the technology within the Hindhead Tunnel, we will be closing the Tunnel (in both directions) overnight this weekend. The closure will be in place from 9pm on Saturday 6 June through to 9am on Sunday 7 June 2020. During the closure a signed diversion will be in place via the A31 and A325. 

Please be aware that due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, all our works are subject to change due to available resource by our Supply Chain, as well as possible adverse weather conditions – please check the yellow signs placed in advance for confirmation of the closures dates/timings. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption during our work.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like you know more about our work please email us at or call us on 0300 123 5000. 


Moat Car Park – Closed

Due to lots of non essential vistors to the MOAT CAR PARK on THURSLEY ROAD, making it difficult for police to enforce current regulations, the car park, in conjunction with NATURAL ENGLAND will be closed from tomorrow.
Please DO NOT travel in your vehicle to the car park or use the THURSLEY ROAD to park on.


South Western Railway Update

I wanted to update you on the work South Western Railway has been carrying out in dealing with the Coronavirus and keeping key workers moving during this critical time.

Following on from the changes to the train service timetable we made last week, we have made further adjustments to our revised timetable, with extra early morning and later evening trains to better meet key workers’ travel patterns.  We have also this week made further contact with key stakeholders, including NHS trusts, supermarket distribution centres, and emergency services across our network to check our timetable is meeting their transportation needs. 

Our priority is to keep our trains running for the essential service workers who have to get to work, while keeping everyone safe and helping prevent the spread of the virus. This includes adapting our cleaning regime with our heavy cleaning programme suspended so the team can concentrate on disinfecting trains, with a particular focus on key touchpoints such as handrails, door buttons and toilets. As well as overnight cleaning we have extended the turnround times of trains to allow additional cleaning, bringing in off-track staff and trainees to help disinfect the trains whilst they are in service. The reduction in the number of train services has allowed the team to concentrate their efforts on the trains still running and so help keep customers and colleagues alike safe.

We have also closed our waiting rooms and are making announcements on trains and at stations to promote social distancing among those who have no option but to travel, while using all available communication channels to advise against non-essential travel and urge people to save lives and stay home.

Following Government advice, we have advised many of our non-operational colleagues to work from home and are restricting the activities of our customer contact centre. Unfortunately this has temporarily hampered our ability to handle refunds, however we are currently putting plans in place to allow us to restart this process very soon; although it will take some considerable time for us to work through the backlog of outstanding claims.

I know that refunds have been a major concern for many customers and I am pleased that the industry has this week announced some further policy changes which will alleviate some of those concerns such as extending the refund window from 28 day to 56 days, helping those who may be self-isolating and who feared missing out on a refund. Full details are available on our website.

Throughout this challenging period, we have tried to keep everyone updated through all available channels, including twitter, our website, station customer information screens, and stakeholder emails like this one. We have, and will continue to, take on board feedback about our services and how we can best meet the needs of not just those key workers, but also of those customers who are no longer travelling and need to change their plans.

We recognise that together with Network Rail we have a vital role to play in keeping the country moving and I am exceptionally proud of how my colleagues at South Western Railway, particularly those on the frontline, have risen to the challenge and are just getting on with the job of running our railway.

If you need any further information, please contact  

Yours sincerely,

Mark Hopwood
Managing Director
South Western Railway 


46 Bus – Concessionary travel update

From Friday 20th March 2020 Stagecoach will temporarily relax time restrictions on concessionary bus travel across Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex to allow access to our services for the elderly and vulnerable early in the morning as the coronavirus epidemic continues.

It comes as supermarkets make special arrangements for exclusive early morning shopping times for these people.


Shackleford Road Temporary Closure


Dear Sirs

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL PROPOSE TO MAKE the above mentioned Temporary Order under Section 14(1) and (7) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to (a) prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in that length of Shackleford Road (C25), Godalming that extends from its western junction with Milford Road (B3001), north-eastwards for a distance of 120 metres; and (b) suspend “THE SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL SHACKLEFORD ROAD (C25), GODALMING TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF TRAFFIC ORDER 2019” in its entirety. This Traffic Order is required to enable BT to carry out cabling works. These works are anticipated to be carried out within 2 months of the 12 month period of operation of this Temporary Order that commences on 25 November 2019. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary closure which is anticipated to be required for 24 hours each day, will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed. Access for pedestrians and; dismounted cyclists and equestrians will be maintained at all times. No sole access to any property will be affected however access for emergency services, residents, businesses, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians will be maintained at all times via the vehicular diversion route will be via Milford Road and Shackleford Road.

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Marcus Triangle Verge

Marcus’s Triangle

Residents may be aware that works on a Surrey County Council proposed footpath connecting the new Weyburn development with the village via Marcus’s Triangle and the Milford Road is scheduled to start next week. The PC does not support the proposal for a number of reasons and has spent much time liaising with SCC and other agencies to try to prevent construction of the footpath. As the PC is still waiting on a formal response from SCC, the PC has issued a press release to all the local press which is attached below for your information.


69 new homes are being built by Clarion Housing and their contractor Thakeham at the former Weyburn Works site on the border of Peper Harow and Elstead parishes. Surrey County Council (SCC) required as a condition of this development that the developer should construct a footway (pavement) to provide a pedestrian link between the housing complex and the centre of Elstead. This would follow a route south along Shackleford Road, into a part of Royal Common known as Marcus Triangle at the junction of the Milford and Shackleford Roads, followed by a crossing of the Milford Road and continuing thence to link up with the existing footway further to the west.

Elstead Parish Council, together with Peper Harow parish and our two Waverley Borough Council members, David and Jenny Else, have lodged strong objections to this project, both with the developers and with the Highways Authority, SCC, which has given consent for the planned route. All regard the route as unsafe, unsuitable, unnecessary and arguably unlawful.

The route is unsafe because it would cross the busy Milford Road at a dangerous double bend where there have been several serious road accidents in recent years. It would allow pedestrians a visibility ‘window’ of less than 4 seconds to check that no vehicles are approaching from either direction and to cross the road. This is barely adequate for able bodied adults. It is not nearly sufficient for people with limited mobility or for parents with young children. SCC originally advised that the crossing point would be lit, but they have since withdrawn this advice, without explanation. SCC’s own highway engineers regard the proposed route as unsafe.

The route is unsuitable because it is lengthy and circuitous and would make no provision for cyclists, who would be obliged to use the busy Milford Road carriageway. It would also create an urban feature in an area which is essentially rural and unspoiled.

The route is unnecessary because Elstead Parish Council has offered a much shorter and safer pathway across its own land, which would involve no highway crossings and which would also cater for cyclists.

The route is arguably unlawful because it would be constructed on common land, for which specific consent from the Planning Inspectorate is normally required. This has not been obtained. The owner of the land has not been consulted or informed of the plans and is strongly opposed to the use of his land for the purpose of constructing a footway.

Elstead Parish Council has asked SCC’s Head of Highways to provide a definitive statement, supported by a reasoned justification, on whether or not the land in question is indeed common land and whether specific Planning Inspectorate consent is required. As of today (4th September) no such statement has been received. Elstead Parish Council therefore asks SCC to delay the works (which are due to start on 9 September) until they are in a position to determine the common land issue one way or another. If they are unable to do this, they would be in danger of being complicit in what could be an unlawful act.

For further information please contact: Pat Murphy (Chairman) Elstead PC. TEL: 01252 703151. EMAIL: