Parish Council Elections 2023

May 2023 will be the year for local elections and on 4th May 2023 residents will be able to elect councillors for Elstead Parish Council.  There are nine seats on Elstead Parish Council – some councillors will look for re-election however it is likely that we will need some new councillors to join Elstead Parish Council.  

If anyone is interested in standing for election please contact the Parish Clerk or the Parish Chairman for more information and to understand what is involved.  Everyone is very welcome to attend our monthly public meetings so why not come along and see what happens in a typical meeting.  Anyone wishing to stand must complete a nomination paper.  Nomination papers are available from Waverley BC and must be submitted in person by 4pm on 4th April 2023.

Being a parish councillor is a really interesting role and absolutely no prior experience of local government is necessary.  Training is available for any new councillors who join and the main attribute is being enthusiastic about the local community / area.  The Parish Council meets typically once a month with a couple of ad hoc meetings in addition.
Should there be less than nine candidates to stand, the election is uncontested and there will be no need for a vote.  The Parish Counl will then need to co-opt individuals to fill any remaining vacancies within two week of the date of the election.  Don’t forget all residents must bring ID in order to vote on 4th May.