Defibrillator News

The defibrillator at the Pavilion will be moved to the outside wall (Peter Pan Nursery side) this Saturday (13th July). This will ensure that it is available to all even when the pavilion is closed (NB it was initially sited inside the Pavilion on the advice of the defibrillator company).
Should anyone need to use the defibrillator please follow this easy guide:1. Dial 999 and ask for ambulance service 2. Ask for the code to open the cabinet. The postcode for the Pavilion is GU8 6DU.3. The call handler will guide you through using the defibrillator and arrange an ambulance.

Please note: anyone can use a defibrillator, no prior experience or training is required. Defibrillators really can save lives. For further information go to to access Their First Aid App

Anyone wishing to attend a free training session in the Autumn should contact the Clerk on Thank you