Fire on Thursley Common / Elstead Moat

Update from Elstead Parish Council re the fire. The Parish Council is continuing to liaise with fire crews, police and local councils (WBC and SCC). The police have advised that more houses will need to be evacuated today and The Pavilion has been reopened to house these evacuees at the request of the police. The PC will be on hand at The Pavilion to provide support and refreshments for anyone asked to leave their home.

The PC has been in regular contact with the emergency services since the fire broke out. We have offered to provide fire and police crews with refreshments (and were set up to do this last night) but we have been told that they provide their own refreshment facilities.
Last night 14 houses were evacuated and the PC, David and Jenny Else and Jo Mukabaa supported one household until they were able to be rehoused last evening.

We will try and update you on the status of the fire as and when we can but we ask all residents and visitors linked to this facebook page…… Please do not go on to the common to see the fire – please kindly stay away. This is a highly volatile situation and we need to let the emergency crews do their work without having to worry for human safety. Thank you.

And finally please remember that the road running along past the moat is completely closed and there is NO access. Anyone wishing to go to Thursley, Churt and beyond and who would usually use that route please pick the A3 up from Milford junction. Thank you.