Work on the new boardwalk at Weyburn underway.

You are currently viewing Work on the new boardwalk at Weyburn underway.
SANGS Boardwalks

One of the conditions on the new development at the former Weyburn Works site was for a SANGS – Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space. A SANGS is to encourage people to walk, with their dogs, away from some of the commons, where there are rare ground nesting birds.

The SANGS is situated between the village and the Weyburn site, and should be ready for the public to access within a couple of months – as it is a condition that the SANGS is ready before any of the houses are occupied.

As part of this work, Footpath 61 which runs from the Shackleford Road, through the new development and joins up with the Burford Lodge Recreation Ground, and Lower Ham Lane, will also be improved.