Coronavirus - Elstead Emergency Response

Elstead Parish Council

Request help or volunteer

As a community – we are looking to connect volunteers with those vulnerable seeking help.

If you feel that you can help (volunteer) or need help – please complete the form below.  We will then do our best to match those needing help with those that are volunteering – we will coordinate the efforts.  Whilst this is new and rapidly setup – we would welcome all constructive support so we can help and evolve further.  If the services you can offer (or need help with) then please use the free text field.

We will also be distributing leaflets for those not looking at online services.

If you have registered already with NHS GoodSAM please also register with us, as we are still in the process of identifying how we will engage with them which may take a little while.

Thank you.


Call: 01252 411 745

(attended Monday to Saturday between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00)