Neighbourhood Plan - Timeline

We launched our Neighbourhood Plan in October 2014 expecting it to take a couple of years to complete.  However delays to Waverley’s Local Plan Part 1 and 2, together with changes in legislation around setting Green Belt and Settlement Boundaries,  have meant that things have taken longer than expected.  We were in the final stretch, as we entered “Regulation 14”,  a consultation period, first with residents and then with Waverley Borough Council.  

Then Covid happened!

New sites were put forward for consideration, and so those were reviewed, and considered alongside those that had already been assessed.    The new sites meant changes to a key part of our plan – the housing policies, and so we have entered a new consultation period for residents to provide feedback on those policies only.

Once the consultation period has concluded, feedback will be assessed and a Final Final Plan produced for submission to Waverley Borough Council, then to an Independent Examiner, and then the local community will participate in a referendum (Covid restrictions permitting!).

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